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December, 2018


Dear friend,

Thank you for partnering with us and making it possible for messages of love, hope and grace to be broadcast across this nation 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Your Christian media ministry has now been doing this for 40 years, with Rhema's 40th anniversary of permanent broadcasting celebrated in November. Also in 2018, Star and Life FM celebrated 21 years in October and on the 1st December, Shine completed its 16th year of broadcast. But these numbers on their own are meaningless. It is the lives that God has touched through these broadcasts that really matter – the many people reached by the grace of God, bringing redemption, forgiveness, hope, faith and love into their lives – this is the difference you are making through your support of your Christian media ministry. Thank you for being a difference maker.

In December we celebrate God coming to earth as a baby, to live amongst us and to ultimately die for us so that we are able to enter into a personal relationship with him.

"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." John 3:16 NIV

From the 'Faith and Belief in NZ' survey conducted by McCrindle Research earlier this year, 82% of New Zealanders have little or nothing to do with church, and only 30% of New Zealanders report that Jesus is important to them personally.

This Christmas season your Christian media ministry’s multimedia channels are continuing to openly tell the wonderful message of Christ coming to earth to make it possible for all to have that personal relationship with him. These messages will be available to the 3.7 million people in New Zealand who do not have any connection to a church. They will be able to hear and see the message in their car, lounge, prison cell, at the beach or in their back yard.

Not only are these messages available wherever people are at; God uses your Christian media ministry to encourage and minister to people in the midst of life struggles, like he has for Brian through Life FM:

"I listen to both Rhema and Life FM. I am currently a monthly supporter. I live in Kapiti, work in Porirua, and travel in Wellington regularly. I love listening to Life FM in my car when driving and at work. As soon as I heard that there was a way that Life FM could be on the radio in Wellington, it made me go 'yes' and I cried with happiness. There is a lot I can say about how Life FM has impacted my life, but I’m still going through a major situation at the moment with my wife, whom I am believing for a miracle of healing for her as we are trying a last ditch effort with new medication to save her life. I find listening to Life FM while I am at work helps to calm me and focus on work and not completely break down. We have been through so much in this last year. One painful struggle after the next. Having Life FM is like being in church, helping to be connected to God, while not in church. It helps me with the Bible verses they play, the music, it helps centre me and focus on the positive, when it feels there is so much negative going on in my life. I only know it is God who keeps me going when all else says give up, and listening to Life FM helps in keeping me going."

Thank you for enabling God to minister to Brian in this way during this most difficult time.

As we look ahead to Christmas, please continue to pray for the presenters and production teams as they create the broadcasts. Also for the programmes and music that will be broadcast: that this Christmas may be the Christmas that many will hear the true meaning and understand it for the first time; that many will be strengthened and encouraged in their faith so that they may reflect Christ to those around them.

From all of the team at Rhema Media, we pray that you will have a blessed and refreshing Christmas with those that you love.


God bless you.

Andrew Fraser

Chief Executive

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