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March, 2017


Thank you for your support of Rhema Media, your partnership is instrumental in connecting people with Christ through media. Through your support you have a wonderful opportunity to share the unchanging message of Jesus Christ with all people in New Zealand through The Word For Today, Shine, Rhema, Life FM and Star. Let me explain further.

Recently I had the privilege of attending an international Christian media conference in the USA. While I have traveled to the States a few times, including a trip just two years ago, I was struck on this trip by the number of overtly Christian messages evident all around me. From billboards advertising church services to advertisements and messages on mainstream TV and radio, as well as an abundance of Christian stations to tune into.

The conspicuous nature of this raised a question in my mind as to what has changed? Has Christianity in the USA become more overt or in contrast has New Zealand become more secular? Whatever the answer to that question, it gave me fresh insight into just how much New Zealand needs strong, vibrant Christian media, as without it people across our nation see or hear very little Christian-inspired content.

But, because of your support, God is able to speak into people’s situations in ways that would not be possible if there was no Christian media in New Zealand. Like he did in the life of Helen through Life FM: ‘A month ago someone introduced me to Life FM and, oh my goodness, my life has changed! As a Christian of 11 years I had never tuned in, not sure why actually! However, it has been so life changing for me I have literally not turned it off. It is like an infusion of “life” so why turn it off. I now have it playing in the living room, bedroom and car. It doesn’t even get turned off in the night, it just plays sweetly and softly through the night; it’s like it washes over me. Since this new experience, I have gone cold turkey off anti-depressants and Jesus has held me all the way, supported, by Life FM. I can honestly say I am hooked and now God’s word soaks my home.’

This is only possible because of you! Your prayers and financial support enable Rhema Media to reach people behind closed doors, whether in homes, cars or prisons, with the love, hope and grace there is in a relationship with Jesus Christ.

God called this ministry into being over 38 years ago and has sustained it over the years during many tough times through his faithful people, like you.

Over the last 18-24 months a significant investment, which has depleted cash reserves, has been made to establish 30 new radio transmissions and get Shine into every home in New Zealand. This was an important strategic move in line with the ministry’s mission and vision, to enable programmes of faith, love and hope to reach more people across New Zealand. For people in towns like Oamaru, it is the first time they have ever had a Christian radio station in their own town to listen to. And now, they have both Rhema and Life FM to tune into, as well as Shine on their television sets.

Thank you for making this possible!

However, as we head into 2017 we have had a couple of significant unforeseen expenses arise. One of these is due to a partner organisation suddenly having to pull out of a programme acquisition group that was set up over ten years ago to source quality Christian programming. This means that our programme acquisition costs have jumped by $130,000 per year.

We are confident that God will meet the ministry’s needs but we wanted to let you know our current situation and ask that you pray that this need be met.

You may also be in a position to help with a gift at this time to help offset the increased cost to bring great programmes of faith and hope into people’s homes. Also, with March being the end of the financial year, as of April you will be able to claim 33% of any gift back (see for details).

Thank you again for your faithful support. This is your ministry, together we are having a positive impact on many people’s lives and we are excited to see what we can do together to impact this nation for Christ.

Through you God is reaching people today, right now – every minute, every hour, every day!


Your brother in Christ.

Andrew Fraser

Chief Executive

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