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Randall Froude 'River Without End' Print

'River Without End'


"River Without End"

Painted by internationally acclaimed

New Zealand artist


“While sitting in church one Sunday, God virtually gave the whole concept for ‘River Without End’ to me, complete with briefing on where to find this river. I believe the river covers two realms, both natural and spiritual, it is the river of God’s provision.

Ezekiel 47:1-10 describes this river, in particular verse 9 ‘everything shall live where the river comes’. There is no measure to the river of God’s Holy Spirit flow, through His people, if we will let Him.”

The painting and prints are a result of a clear direction from God for Randall to produce them in order to raise funds to support those in need.


Oil on Canvas | 562 x 450mm | 1991


Only 800 prints available

$50 each

+ $7 Postage and Packaging

To order call 0508 000 717
or use the form below


All proceeds go to The Hope Project and Rhema Media

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