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Hal Short

Hal Short

Tell us who you are and what your current occupation is / what currently occupies your time?
After many years dedicated to pioneering & establishing Christian radio in New Zealand and across the globe, I am now retired from full-time day to day operations.

Why is Rhema Media important?
As a pioneer of Rhema Media, and former President & Board Chairman and with nearly 30 years’ full time involvement in Rhema Media’s foundational growth and development, its progress and welfare are close to my heart.

How has Rhema Media impacted you personally?
The challenges involved in establishing, growing and leading this ministry have radically impacted my life and faith and allowed me to see the Lord sovereignly open doors and make impossible situations possible. Something I consider a privilege to have witnessed and been part of.

Why do you want to be on the Rhema Media Board?
Since the Lord first called me and put a burden on my heart to share the Gospel through Christian media and specifically Rhema, my desire has always been to serve him. Should I be appointed to the Board, my heart and motivation will remain the same.

What skills and experience will you bring to the Board?
Many years of involvement in Rhema, pioneering, growing and leading the ministry. Then co-founding UCB International to establish what the Lord has done here with Rhema worldwide. Today these ministries are found in 19 countries. Being involved in both ministry management and governance gives me a special understanding of the challenges and factors at play.

Tell us about your involvement in your local church and community?
I am an elder at the Upper Room Church. I also enjoy being part of a local home group.

Tell us what other interests and hobbies you may have?
I enjoy reading, daily walks, travel and spending time with my family and friends.


Hannah Jeffries

Hannah Jeffries

Tell us who you are and what your current occupation is / what currently occupies your time?
I am currently a solicitor in Auckland, however I am in the process of moving to Hamilton where I will be taking up a position as a property consultant.

Why is Rhema Media important?
Rhema Media presents a unique opportunity to encourage Christians in their everyday lives and to witness to non-Christians in a non-confrontational way, where the listener has the power to engage at a time and in a space that suits them.

How has Rhema Media impacted you personally?
Rhema has impacted me personally by providing encouraging and uplifting Christian media options which, if I’m being honest, I appreciate the most when I’m stuck in Auckland’s abysmal traffic.

Why do you want to be on the Rhema Media Board?
To give voice to a younger generation and help improve Rhema Media’s connection with that age group. I was nominated by a friend who was concerned at the lack of a youthful voice on the Board and, having researched the Board, I came to share those concerns.

What skills and experience will you bring to the Board?
I think my primary value to the board would be my youthful energy and perspective. However, I would also bring legal knowledge and experience.

Tell us about your involvement in your local church and community?
In the past I have been involved in serving my church community as a youth leader and have assisted in the running of regular hospitality events. I am looking forward to becoming a part of a new church community once I relocate.

Tell us what other interests and hobbies you may have?
When I have the opportunity, I enjoy exploring different parts of New Zealand and embarking on new adventures with friends. I am also an avid baker and like to take time out to indulge my passion for the arts.


bruce anderson

Bruce Anderson

Bruce is a qualified chartered accountant with over 25 years’ experience working in senior finance roles, primarily in the financial services industry. Bruce enjoys working with organisations at a strategic level to help them achieve the goals that have been set. He has gained strong governance experience and skills from his board appointments and training.

He was financial controller for Rhema Media from September 2002 to April 2004, has been a board member since 2011 and was elected by the Board as Chairman in July 2013.

Bruce says, “I am passionate about the ministries in Rhema Media and its mission to spread the good news of the Gospel to all New Zealanders. Personally I endeavour to follow Christ and be obedient to His leading through life.” He attends Windsor Park Baptist Church and, together with his wife Tracy, is a youth ministry team leader.

Bruce and Tracy have been married for over 20 years and have three sons.

Feel free to email Bruce directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


anne mcLaren

Anne McLaren

Anne is the owner of McLaren Brown Media and has a background in journalism, broadcasting and publishing.

She has extensive governance experience across the commercial and not for profit Charity sectors and is Vice Chair of Rhema Media and a Trustee of Endeavour Charitable Trust.

"Rhema Media continues to go from strength to strength, reaching and encouraging thousands of people nationwide," Anne says.

"2017 is an awesome year of opportunity to help others and bring some stability into an increasingly unstable world.

"We're going forward with a strong board, an exceptional CEO and a wonderful team of staff and supporters who underpin this rock solid ministry.

"What a privilege to be a part of this hugely influential outreach at this time.

"Thank you for the part you play in making this happen," she says.


mark venter

Mark Venter

Mark Venter is an IT professional with over 23 years’ experience in management and business solutions in New Zealand and Australia. Mark is blessed with over 25 years of marriage to Lesley, and kept busy in encouraging their children Aimee and David to balance spiritual, academic and sports priorities. Outside work commitments he is passionate about fitness, music and self-study.

Mark fully endorses the Rhema Media mission statement 'Connecting Kiwis to Christ through media' and has been a Rhema listener for over 21 years. "My faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior is spiritually sustained through the Rhema teaching programmes. I believe that Rhema Media and its dedicated employees are an incredible blessing to the nation of New Zealand. I value the opportunity to serve on the Board and encourage the management team to focus on God’s mission."


ros woolhouse

Ros Woolhouse

Ros brings an extensive background in HR Management to the Board. After completing a Post Graduate Diploma in Personnel Management and Employment Relations at Auckland University, Ros held office as President of the Human Resources Institute in Auckland, she started a management training business, taught at the Auckland University School of Business and was also part of World Vision’s team for fifteen years.

Ros continually seeks God’s will and considers Rhema Media “an amazing ministry, bringing the love of God to the people of New Zealand. It has been a privilege to see God’s faithfulness over many years as individual lives have been touched and changed by His grace. I have enjoyed and been blessed by my association with Rhema since 2001 and I am fully committed to serving the staff, management and supporters as a member of the Board.”

Ros has been a member of her local church for over thirty years, is happily married to Lynn and enjoys her precious family, friends and grandchildren.


andrew fraser

Andrew Fraser

Andrew has been Chief Executive of Rhema Media since December 2016; he was previously General Manager – Operations. He has been with Rhema Media since 2002 and has been a Board member since 2004. Andrew has extensive experience in the governance and day-to-day running of all of Rhema Media’s broadcast networks on many levels.

Andrew has a background in Telecommunication, Operational Management and has significant experience in Board Governance in the not-for-profit sector, having served on a number of boards over the last 15 years.

Andrew says, "It's a great privilege to be part of the team both at the operational and governance levels and to see the impact Rhema Media's various media have in people's lives. As Chief Executive, it is an honour to lead this ministry to effectively reach people with messages that communicate the hope, grace, faith and love there is in a relationship with Jesus across this nation we are all part of."

Andrew and his wife Anna have four children and are both actively involved in their community through their local church.


rob holding

Suzanne Aislabie

Suzanne is an education professional with over 30 years of experience. She is a moderator for the New Zealand Qualifications Authority and teaches secondary students at Lake Taupo Christian School. She also spent seven years serving on pastoral staff as Children’s and Family Coordinator for her faith family.

Suzanne enjoys inspiring others with the Word of God, something she feels privileged to get to do daily, in her work. She is passionate about helping others develop a Christian worldview, to navigate their way through this life in a God honouring way.

Suzanne has served faithfully on three boards of large not-for-profit organisations and has well developed skills in human resources and change management.

Suzanne says “I am so grateful to God for all that He has sown into my life through the excellent teaching I have heard on Rhema over the last 30 years. I believe Rhema is a significant blessing of God to the nation and personally it was a huge blessing to me as a young mum. As a result I have always been passionate about encouraging others to listen to Rhema, support its ministry in prayer and also financially.”

Suzanne is married to Steve and they have six adult children scattered around New Zealand and Australia. She enjoys competitive horse riding, pilates and bush walking with friends and family. Authentic fellowship with her faith family has always been extremely important to her.


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