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For the two weeks leading up to the Election we will be publishing regular interviews from various party leaders. Please check back regularly to see new interviews.

Hone Harawira, Mana

Hone Harawira leader of the Mana party chats with Andrew.

Gareth Morgan, The Opportunities Party

Gareth Morgan from The Opportunities Party talks with Andrew.

Leighton Baker, Conservative Party

Leighton Baker leader of the Conservative Party chats with Andrew.

Jacinda Ardern, Labour

Judith Collins, National

David Seymour, ACT

Marama Fox - Maori Party

Marama Fox talked with Andrew about their vision for NZ, the role of the Maori party, and the role of faith and church in NZ.



James Shaw, Greens

Winston Peters, NZ First

Andrew Urquhart sat down with Winston Peters to talk about his vision for New Zealand, and why he is passionate about politics.