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Susanna Barthow: Love the Politician


Jesus taught us "those that are without sin, cast the first stone." As Christ followers, we need to be careful of negative stereotypes around politicians and political parties.  You know that potted bible adage "love the sinner, hate the sin"?  Well, it kind of applies here too.  We might not agree with their politics but does that mean we should harass or discredit a politician?  Or criticise their physical appearance?

No. I recently read an article about a politician that made me lose respect for them and, when I drove past one of their signs on the roadside, I had some unsavoury names for them in my head.  But then I realised, well, God made and loves that person.  And that should be good enough for us.  And if it's still a bitter pill to swallow then at least we can remember what our grandmother taught us: "if you can't say anything nice, then don't say anything at all."

This is not to say we should avoid healthy discussion and debate; nor should we change our vote unnecessarily; and we should maintain transparency in government. 


But the reality of the Gospel is not about Truth OR Grace;  it's about Truth AND Grace. So while pursuing truth in these elections, let’s extend some grace while we are at it."