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Susanna Barthow: God establishes authority



The Electoral Commission Report on the 2014 General Election in New Zealand found that promoting voter participation was crucial in maintaining a healthy democracy in New Zealand.  And I agree.  The Bible teaches us we must subject ourselves to those in Authority as there is no authority apart from that which God establishes.  

How hard that must be for those who are subject to authority by tyranny or by torture. For those that are subject to authority by chance of nationality. For those that are subject to authority by exclusion. Every Human has a basic right to participate in the government of their country but not every country offers its people that privilege.  

In New Zealand we are a privileged people.  We are not living in closed state, under tyranny, autocracy, or dictatorship. New Zealanders have the power to make a choice and change the authority they are subjected to.  We risk losing this privilege if we don’t take advantage of it.

As Christ followers, we are part of God’s story in establishing our government’s agenda. We can do this through voting. All votes have equal weight regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, postcode or level of education.  Every vote counts so make your voice heard.