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George Wieland: Every vote a Talent


Christians know that they should pray for people who’ve been entrusted with political authority. Part of what it means to seek the good of the cities and communities where we live is to pray that those in positions of responsibility will govern for the good of all, with God-given wisdom and freedom from self-interest.

But, in a democracy, who is it that we are we praying for? As well as those elected to govern we are also praying for those entrusted with the authority to place them in those positions. That’s us, the voters.

In the distribution of political authority, the privilege of voting may be the only ‘talent’ handed to you or me, but Jesus had stern things to say about people who bury their one talent in the ground instead of putting it to use for him!


If even that small act of casting a vote can seem troublesome or even morally dubious, think of another of Jesus’ stories.  When someone lay hurt and in a mess by the side of the road, it was not the religious people who maintained their purity by just walking on by whom Jesus commended, but the foreigner who saw, accepted responsibility, and did what he could. And, for those who know the story, his two pence worth made a difference – so could yours.