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Aimee Mai: Motivations



When you think about how you will vote this year – what are your motivations?

When I think of my vote, of course I think about what will benefit me. But as a follower of Jesus I also think of what will benefit my neighbour who is in need. I’m challenged by the second greatest commandment as Jesus says in the gospel of Mark: ‘To love your neighbour as yourself’ and the explanation of who showed themselves to be a neighbour in Luke 10 “the one who has mercy” on the downtrodden, on the poor and needy, on the one who could do with my help, on the one who could do with my vote.

So as I consider my vote and assess the various political parties, - their character, promises and policies – I want to assess not just for myself but for all people in Aotearoa – and most importantly for my neighbours in need, in need of my love and mercy.


Will you love your neighbour as yourself and show love and mercy by considering them on the 23rd September this year?