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Lyndon Drake: Good government - what should it look like



I reckon all of us have seen those pictures titled, "you only had one job” the kind where road workers have stuck a lamp post right in the middle of a driveway.

In the Old Testament law, the king had just one job: to study the law of God. The theologian John Barton says it's difficult to imagine anyone wanting a job with such limited power, and Israel's kings didn't really stick to the law.

These days, our situation is more like the New Testament, where Christians can participate in politics but are part of a mixed society. So Paul instructs Timothy to pray that those in government would allow Christian believers to live "peaceable and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness."

In New Zealand, we mostly have that privilege, so we can call attention to the other issues we know God cares about: the protection of life, especially of unborn children and the elderly; provision for the poor in society, including the homeless; caring for people, including those with mental illness; and ensuring justice, especially for the powerless and oppressed.

We'll never see these completely in this life. But we can also tell people about our own king, the Lord Jesus. And I want people to know that the church stands for the same ideas as our coming king.