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Richard Waugh: Christian way to evaluate politicians and their policies


It can be challenging to know how to evaluate a political party’s policies, or a controversial topic, or the character and suitability of a candidate for public office.

John Wesley, the famous 18th Century evangelist, scholar and church planter can help us.  From his very balanced theology has been developed the ‘Wesleyan Quadrilateral’ – a Christian methodology - or yardstick - to help us evaluate a particular topic.

The Wesleyan Quadrilateral is; Scripture (first and foremost), Tradition, Reason, and Experience.

It’s not an equal quadrilateral with Scripture always the first and primary authority. So,

  • Scripture; what does the Bible say? 
  • Tradition; what has the Christian church said through the ages?
  • Reason; what do our minds and clear thinking tell us?
  • Experience; what does our own life experience, emotions, and culture have to say?

Discerning what makes for good government and good elected representatives?

Apply the Wesleyan Quadrilateral; Scripture, Tradition, Reason and Experience.