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Stephen Garner: Good leaders



What makes a good political leader or representative? For one person, it’s someone who encourages economic productivity. For another, it’s a leader who is passionate about social justice. Others want a MP who cares about ecological sustainability, who promotes personal fulfilment, or participation in vibrant local communities. When we come to vote we have to choose both the person who we think will be best for our local community, and the political party that will be good for our country. At a foundational level it’s a question of trust.
And trust is based on the integrity of the people and parties involved. It’s a question of character, and one which means that the leaders we need are not always the leaders we want. In the Gospel of Luke, Jesus talks about the character of a good manager. A good manager, Jesus tells his listeners, is one who is faithful and trustworthy. If they are trustworthy with a little, then they can be trusted with a lot. If they are faithful with someone else’s money and property, then they can be trusted to do the same with yours.  
We need leaders who are faithful and trustworthy with both a little and a lot. As we come to vote, ask yourself which candidates and parties might best demonstrate that, and prayerfully consider that when you cast your vote.