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Roshan Allpress: Every vote counts


Among the seven deadly sins is the often forgotten sin of acedia. Sometimes called sloth, the original Greek root of the word is much stronger than the idea of laziness. Acedia is the state of not caring enough about oneself, others or the world. To quote the Simpsons, it is to say “meh” to the world.

In elections, Christians are allowed to be uninspired by the choices. We are allowed to be confused by conflicting policies, and concerned by the difficulties we face in balancing the personalities and characters of politicians with their competencies and policies as leaders. But we are not allowed to say “meh”.

Roughly 40% of New Zealand’s GDP is spent by government. Government is ultimately responsible for the protection of justice and order in our society.

Christians are called to care about God’s world, his human creatures, and to pursue justice and mercy in the world.

Yes, this means extra work and thought. It may mean having conversations with friends about uncomfortable topics as we try to understand how best to use our votes. But, the one thing we cannot do when it comes to voting, is to fall into the sin of acedia: to say “we can’t be bothered.”